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    Cruise around Sydney Harbour on board State of the Art

    If you are looking for a fantastic Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat to cruise around Sydney Harbour then hold back and take in this luxury Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat "State of the Art".  This Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is the perfect Charter Boat to hire if you are looking to enjoy the views around Sydney Harbour with friends and family for any event. The Sydney Harbour Cruise Vessel State of the Art is a 65-foot yacht with an unbelievably beautiful exterior design, luxury cabin space, and plenty of area to enjoy a day or evening out on the water.

    State of the Art Sydney Harbour Cruise vessel is equipped with multiple rooms aboard the ship, offering various entertainment options. Not only is it perfect vessel for a day out in the sun, but is ideal for special events related to your work or family.

    There is an alfresco dining area as well as a fully equipped commercial kitchen stocked and ready for you to use. This enables you to host any kind of event aboard the vessel and do all of the activities, including cooking, right there on this State of the Art vessel.

    There are many reasons to love this vessel that we offer at Sydney Harbour Cruise, but here are a few of them you will get to enjoy:


    • Allows for up to 45 guests.
    • Commercial kitchen available
    • Alfresco dining area, including a bar.
    • Multitier decks.
    • Air conditioning and heating available in all cabins.
    • Full crew available free of charge as part of charter tour.


    • Outlets to plug in devices such as tablets, phones, etc.
    • Sun lounge area to enjoy a day in the sun.
    • Beautiful exterior, with polished timber finish.
    • LCD projector and large screen TV for presentation purposes.

    Best For

    • Corporate events and presentations.
    • Family gatherings or social events.
    • A day in the sun, fishing, swimming, or performing some other activity.
    • Tours following a wedding or other social events.
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