• Sydney Harbour Cruise on board Sydney Pearl

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    Cruise around on Sydney Pearl on Sydney Harbour

    Sydney Harbour Cruise brings to you the Sydney Pearl Sydney Harbour Cruise boat available for all types of cruising events. From Wedding Cruise boat hire to Corporate Cruise Boat Hire. No matter what type of event, the Sydney Pearl a larger Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is available for your next event.

    Eager to have a whole new experience of partying and social events? Check out the wide array of cruises offered by Sydney Harbour Cruise to make your next event a memorable one. We at Sydney Harbour Cruise offer you the magnificent Sydney Pearl, a Catamaran vessel with a seating capacity of 145 people. It not only serves you the perfect place to accommodate a large crowd but the amazing services also make sure you and your guests have the time of your life when on board.

    This 3 tiered masterpiece is designed to deliver the perfect functionalities while taking care of all the charters at once. The topmost level may serve as a spacious lounge where you may party while enjoying an unbarred view of the surrounding sea. The mid-tier incorporates a seated dining area with a 360-degree view.

    On the other hand, the lower level features buffet seating, DJ booth, massive dance floor, a bar and 4 toilets to serve you with the ‘whole package.’ Aside from these amenities, we at Sydney Harbour Cruise also promise you the provision of a highly qualified and experienced crew, especially trained to take care of all of your needs.


    • Capacity to house 145 guests
    • 3 tier architecture
    • Front facing deck
    • High-end surround sound system
    • Fancy bar
    • DJ booth
    • Massive dance floor

    Suitable For:

    • Larger Function Cruises
    • Corporate Cruises on Sydney Harbour
    • Wedding Cruises on Sydney Harbour
    • Birthday Cruises on Sydney Harbour
    • Private celebrations
    • Wedding Cruises Boat Hire Sydney
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