• Sydney Harbour Cruise Bella Vista

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    Boat Cruise on board Bella Vista Harbour Cruise - Perfect for all types of events

    Sydney Harbour Cruise presents to you Bella Vista Cruise Boat. One of the finest on Sydney Harbour. When looking for that larger style Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat, you cannot look further than the Bella Vista. Perfect for all types of larger Harbour Cruise Events, if you are seeking a larger style Sydney Harbour Cruise boat for your function then Bella Vista offers the space as well the exceptional elegance once on board. It is not often that you can describe a vessel as “epic,” but that is exactly what you will witness when you board the Bella Vista Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat.

    This is one of the signature vessels here at Sydney Harbour Cruise, and is one that you are going to clearly enjoy every minute you are aboard.

    Bella Vista’s three levels are perfectly designed to give you a beautiful view while you travel around Sydney Harbour, and there is plenty of space allowing you to lounge around and enjoy the sun while viewing the beauty of Sydney.

    This Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is designed with incredible craftsmanship, both in the interior and exterior. It also provides many amenities that make it the ideal boat for you to use no matter what kind of event you are planning to organize.

    There are many reasons to love this vessel that we offer at Sydney Harbour Cruise, but here are a few of them you will get to enjoy:


    • Can hold up to 950 guests.
    • Three separate bars.
    • Dance floor that includes disco ball.
    • Complete commercial kitchen, fully equipped.


    • DJ booth with state-of-the-art sound system.
    • Open top deck to enjoy the sun or the stars.
    • Large deck areas on bow and stern.
    • Skipper, crew, and onboard chef.

    Suitable For:

    • Corporate events, such as meetings, presentations, and other kinds of events.
    • Weddings Cruises, Engagements and larger functions.
    • All types of larger group style Harbour Cruises


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