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    Sydney Harbour Cruise with Kondor

    Looking for a Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat to hire for your next event. We introduce the Kondor, a great medium sized Sydney Harbour Cruise boat available for all types of events ranging from Corporate Cruises, Family day out cruises, Birthday Cruises, Wedding Cruises and more.

    We offer you a range of services based on your requirements when hiring a Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat. The Kondor is the perfect option for a Cruise Boat on Sydney Harbour if your gathering is for under 47 guests.

    This Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat Kondor, is a fantastic vessel perfect for scenic tours around Sydney Harbour. The Kondor Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is a 53-foot vessel, which is built to serve up to 47 people at once.

    Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, and is even more elegant when viewing it from out on the water. This is why the bridge deck offers you not only a fantastic view, but it also allows you to dine in this area or to lay out under the stars while you are aboard Kondor.

    The lower deck offers cabins as well as a lounge area. There is a barbecue perfect for hosting any kind of event, and the lounge area as well as the cabins are air-conditioned to ensure the greatest level of comfort. At Sydney Harbour Cruise, we want to make sure you have the very best experience while taking a tour, and you will find that Kondor is the perfect option for it.

    There are many reasons to love this vessel that we offer at Sydney Harbour Cruise, but here are a few of them you will get to enjoy:


    • Lounge area with access on both bow and stern.
    • Barbecue facility.
    • Bar.
    • Dance floor.


    • Air-conditioned lounge and cabin areas.
    • Great entertainment system with fantastic audio quality.
    • Comfortable areas on the deck for viewing or laying in the sun.
    • Three different meal options, including bring your own, catering, or buffet.

    Best For

    • Family or social events.
    • Cruise wedding
    • BBQ events.
    • Corporate meeting, presentation, or other events.
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