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    Sydney Harbour Cruise with JBW - A perfect way to cruise around the Harbour with Friends and Family.

    If you are looking for a Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat that can handle up to 49 guests at once, this 70-foot, Harbour Cruise boat is exactly what you are looking for your next Sydney Harbour cruise. This is one of the most sensational options at Sydney Harbour Cruise, because it is not only a beautifully designed vessel that makes your time on the water smooth sailing, but a beautifully crafted ship you will ever find.

    When organising your Sydney Harbour Cruise, we understand that you’re looking for the right Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat and this Harbour Cruise Vessel will surely impress. Not only does it offer a multitiered level that enables you to view the waters and the shore from different vantage points, but several features of this vessel make it a fantastic choice for your day on the water, including a lounge area, a dance floor, and areas perfectly suited for presentations or other events.

    No doubt the Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat JBW will make your day or even weekend out on the water memorable and give you the ideal setting for whatever event you are holding, even if it is just a day fishing.

    There are many reasons to love this vessel that we offer at Sydney Harbour Cruise, but here are a few of them you will get to enjoy:


    • Fully equipped commercial kitchen with the capability to barbecue.
    • A lounge area that contains dance floor.
    • An alfresco dining area which can be protected should and clement weather arise.
    • Air conditioning available in all cabins.


    • Sun bed.
    • Equipment that enables you to view the surrounding area.
    • Audio entertainment system.
    • Wi-Fi and connectors for tablets, smart phones, etc.

    Best For

    • Family or social events.
    • Weddings.
    • Business events and other excursions, including presentations and meetings.
    • Swimming or fishing.
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