• Sydney Harbour Cruise Galaxy 1

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    Enjoy a Luxury Sydney Harbour Cruise on board Harbour Cruise Boat Galaxy 1

    If you are looking for the ultimate luxury Sydney Harbour Cruise then look know further than Galaxy I. This Sydney Harbour Cruise Boat is the ideal choice for you. This is one of the signature vessels offered by Sydney Harbour Cruise. We want to make sure you are getting the luxury boat ride of your life, and none is better than a cruise aboard the Galaxy I.

    While you tour the Sydney Harbour, you will view spectacular sites around you, and have a very smooth ride at the same time. It makes a trip fabulous and gives you the ability to take up to 45 passengers with you or for six if you are looking to take an overnight trip.

    This spacious vessel comes with an alfresco dining area, incredible areas to lay around in the sun, and spacious decks that afford you the opportunity to move around easily while having an area to fish, swim, or enjoy the waters in whatever manner suits you. Sydney Harbour Cruise offers you a great vessel for a day trip or for taking an overnight or weekend excursion.

    There are many reasons to love this vessel that we offer at Sydney Harbour Cruise, but here are a few of them you will get to enjoy:


    • A comfortable saloon lounge area with many luxuries.
    • Three luxury cabins available, including TV and DVD.
    • iPod docking station, CD, and Wi-Fi.
    • Outdoor showers and platform perfect for swimming.


    • Overnight options.
    • Fully air-conditioned in the cabin areas.
    • Alfresco dining area.
    • Satellite connection.
    • Sun lounge area.

    Best for

    • Perfect for private charter groups.
    • Corporate cruises and events.
    • Wedding cruises.

    Special events and holiday charter

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